The Children’s Home will be the heart of the Don Bosco Children’s Foundation. Once completed it will be main facility for our offices. All of the support that we do for the communities will come from this amazing location. It will also be used for gatherings, to distribute scholastic materials, and be the venue for our children’s Christmas gatherings and more! Once this is completed our ability to support others will grow exponentially with your help!

We need to complete the children’s home because at the moment we are renting a home for some of the homeless children but when we get our home done we shall cut the cost. That money that is used on renting a home could go towards supporting others.

The completion budget is 6000$ We know that with your generosity we can complete this home to continue to fulfill our mission. Please consider giving a gift that will continue to give to so many here in Uganda by donating to The DBCF Children’s Home. You can donate on the home page or see the link below.

Please fill free to contact us if you would like to contribute towards the completion of this home or would like more information about the plans for this amazing home. Thank you! .Donate