Have you ever wanted to go on a mission trip to Uganda?

If you are looking at this page perhaps God has placed upon your heart to begin the process of looking into going to Uganda with us! We are in the process of developing some outstanding mission trips with the a team that has had a ton of mission trip experience.

What is a mission trip all about and what will we do?

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals
Short-term mission volunteer work alongside the staff and Ugandan volunteers during all the outreaches who carry out the programs week to week.

Ideas shared by short-term volunteers are usually implemented into the long term activities of the projects.

Participant Age
Jr. High, Sr. High, College, Adult, and Seniors

Eligible to Go
Individuals, Groups [max size 25], Married Couples, and Families

English is the national language.

Coming SOON – Don Bosco Missions-

We work with schools, orphanages, children’s homes, and hospitals bringing the love of Christ to children in need. Individuals, families, friends, church groups, school groups, and college groups are welcome to join us in our weekly outreach programs for trips lasting anywhere from one week to 6 months. All trips are customize-able, depending on when you would like to come.
Welcome to the great adventure of serving God’s poor & vulnerable. We want to share with you what is in the planning process to see what best fits your schedule for yourself or group.

Short-term Mission Trips:

Short-term missions trips range from 1 weeks to 1 months. Volunteers are welcome to come as individuals and join our weekly outreach programs and work in areas of praise and worship, skits and drama, games, sports outreach and crafts and sharing the love of Christ with the most vulnerable youth of Uganda. Volunteers also work in a service project of their choice. Many people come volunteer with babies’ or work alongside children in our preschool, join a sports ministry outreach to village children and youth, teach in a school for orphans and vulnerable children, teach in a school for children with disabilities, or work in a medical outreach.

Group Short-term Mission Trips:

Churches, youth groups, and small groups are welcome to partner with us in short-term mission trips. These mission trips are usually about one to two weeks. The team can participate in a free medical camp for the village, train teachers in our primary school, train pastors and youth leaders or participate in youth ministry, help to build a project that will create self-sustainability and economic empowerment for a family of orphans or the entire village. We can even build in The trip to the safari in one of Uganda’s national parks (additional fees apply).

Note: If you are an individual interested in joining a group short-term mission trip we hold two mission trips each summer where individuals join together from different parts of America and the UK for one to two weeks in Africa. Even if your church cannot come for a mission trip you may still participate in a group trip.


1 week: $500
10 days – 2 weeks: $800
3 weeks: $1,000
4 weeks: $1,200
5 weeks: $1,400
6 weeks; $1,600
7 weeks: $1,800
8 weeks or 2 months: $2,000

3-4 months: $800 per month
5 months +: $700 per month5 months and more

Long Term Missionary:

If you are interested in committing 5 months to one year in Uganda you can join Don Bosco Children’s Foundation for a longer term as a Ministry Support Team (MST) member. For those interested in coming three months to one year you would assist our full-time staff in weekly outreach programs as well as volunteer at various projects of your choice. As an MST you have the flexibility to volunteer at a projects that coincide with your gifts, talents, and passions. Some volunteers have a heart for babies and toddlers and spend their time in babies’ homes while some may have a passion for teens and work in a youth ministry for our village youth. Many past MST members have even started new programs and created improvements for some of the projects they volunteered at.
Volunteer projects:

Building Projects, Medical Outreach, Sports Outreach,School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
School for Children with Disabilities, Teacher’s aid, Mission Guide, Village Outreach, Ministry Support Team.

Cost is Monthly – $700

We will post updated information on when we will be open mission trips. If you would like more information please contact us. We will be updating this page with great fundraising, and other get-ready information to attend the best mission trip of your life!

We look forward to sharing all that we do at Don Bosco Children’s Foundation with you!

For more information please email us at: DonBoscoMissionsUganda@gmail.com