Don Bosco children’s foundation is a registered community based organisation Reg. No. CBS/1073/17 which was started by Katende Andrew in 2015 in Kabango – Budongo Sub- county Masindi District. This is where it’s home is also located.

It’s started By helping the needy children who were left by there parents and ended up working in sugar cane factory instead of going to school. Don Bosco children’s foundation needs these children to keep in school by supporting them through the people of Good will and partners.

Don Bosco works together with The children’s families were these children come from to ensure that these children are in safe hands.

Don Bosco children’s foundation has outreach in two districts Kagadi and Kampala helping children to keep in school and supporting them in the way possible.

Don Bosco works with also kinds of people in Uganda children and adults of all sects without segregation.

Don Bosco today has two hardworking ladies Nakirya Lillian and Tendo Susan who are working tirelessly in the foundation for the betterment of the children.

Don Bosco Children foundation is a sister organisation to Be Love Education Inc a registered NGO in USA.