Would you like to sponsor a child?

    Hi Friends!

    At Don Bosco Children’s Foundation we are committed to helping as many students as we can to get the education and support they need. This is an important part of our mission.

    Currently, we are supporting students like Leni!
    (see his picture below)
    Leni Herbert has spent one year at home without going to school due to the parents inability to take him to school. He is a bright student and he has a desire to join the seminary in future.

    We have several other student like Leni that need a sponsor that is willing to sponsor them in their education. It is such a huge blessing to these children. If it not for the blessings of generous donors like you and the DBCF students would be in great despair. Can you help? If you don’t, who will.

    Perhaps you can join in as a group to sponsor a student or sponsor individually. Please consider giving this fantastic gift of education. It is truly a gift that can change the world!

  • Each Primary child 110$ @term  and 330$ @year
  • Secondary or high school 150$ @term and 450$ @year
Send us a message and we send you details of your child.

Check out our home page to see some of the children that are waiting just for you! These amazing children need sponsorships. We are praying that you can make a difference for one of them.

You can also adopt a child.